Connecting real
estate to society

Vastned connects property, people and experiences in city centres where shopping, working, living and leisure meet

Facts about Vastned

Property portfolio value (in mln. €)

The Netherlands accounts for 43%, France for 28%, Belgium for 22% and Spain for 6% of the total portfolio value.

Occupancy rate

High occupancy rates reflect the quality of the portfolio.

Number of properties

The portfolio currently exists of 268 properties spread across 4 countries and many cities.

Number of commercial tenants

The number of commercial tenants amount to approximately 440.

Number of residential tenants

The number of residential tenants amount to approximately 235.

Property we are proud of

Vastned invests in retail real estate in selected European cities.
Find below a selection of our high street assets.

Property we are proud of

Vastned invests in retail real estate in selected European cities.
Find below a selection of our high street assets

Vastned is committed to ESG

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) topics are fully incorporated in Vastned’s mission, strategy, and organisation.

“City centres remain popular destinations and we see that more emphasis is put on the use of space, liveability and sustainability in these areas. The long-term urbanisation trend will continue in Europe and elsewhere.”

Reinier Walta
Chief Executive Officer

Annual Report 2021

The annual integrated report of Vastned provides an overview of the most important developments during the year, its financial and non-financial performance and all other required disclosures for a listed company. It includes all EPRA reporting as well.

Rue de Rivoli: new hotspot of Paris

‘Rue de Rivoli is entering a new phase of inner-city growth and attractiveness,’ explains Thierry Fourez. ‘The spectacular renovation of the 150-year-old department store La Samaritaine is the crown jewel of this street’s transformation. This is accompanied by a new concept: it is not just a ‘temple of commerce’, but also a meeting place for people, brands and experiences.

The city always wins!

Paul Rodenburg of B@S (Brood@Spelen) Retail Consultants is a specialist in retail, shopping malls and inner-city development. ‘The B and S in our name stand for “brood en spelen”, that’s Dutch for the expression “bread and circuses”. It is a reference to the emperors of the late Roman Empire who won the public’s favour by showering them with entertainment, food and drinks. That 2000-year-old approach has today grown into a complete economy, the “experience economy”, in which shopping, dining and entertainment, and arts and culture come together.’

‘Online and offline, the ultimate symbiosis’

Before she founded My Jewellery in 2011, Sharon Hilgers (32) was a French teacher. She began pursuing her extraordinary passion for jewellery by developing her webshop, and then later opened her first boutique in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Today, My Jewellery has become one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands, with over 625 employees and twenty boutiques all over the country. ‘The physical presence in the shopping boulevards that suit our target group gives our brand extra depth.’

Many homes still to be created above retail floors

Downtown is a place where people like to come, to meet other, to shop, to relax. Many inner-city areas are also historic, and simply pleasant places to spend time. But above the shops, it is often strikingly quiet and empty. It seems that across the Netherlands, there are thousands of empty floors above our retail spaces, which all in all could provide the space for 40,000 homes. ‘Time for change!’ says Hilko Hartog.